December 22, 2012 Lahaina Harbor, Maui, Hawaii


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Dec 9, 2008
Lahaina, Hawaii, USA
Start Me Up Sportfishing
Aloha from Lahaina Harbor, Maui, Hawaii. The marlin bite is currently nonexistent but mahis and tunas have compensated for the lack of billfish. The following photos depict some of Start Me Up's anglers and their catch from the month of December.

Tuna was the target species on this trip but mahis kept eating the baits. You never know what you're going to catch on any given day.

These lucky anglers found a pile of nice tunas.

The bigger tunas bit even better on the second day. The anglers also caught an oceanic whitetip shark.

Those cow mahis are practically twins.

The small tuna was used as a teaser in order to draw the mahis closer to the boat.

These friends shared a quality mahi.

Onos are caught sporadically in December. Catching two in one day is actually uncommon.

The Wong family did great on their semiannual bottom fishing trip. They caught a mixed bag of fish including papio, nabeta, la'i, and even a tako (octopus).

You know your lures are working when you catch both the bull and the cow mahi on a double bite.

A 40 pounder is a trophy mahi.

The bite was fast and furious. In fact, the mahis were getting hooked as fast as the deckhand could put a bait in the water.

When there are numerous mahis in one area, they bite with little to no hesitation.

Fishing can turn into catching on a short trip because the inside pinnacles provide structure that attracts bait.

Nice weather allowed these anglers to chase mahis off the north shore of Maui.

Finding a huge school of flying fish resulted in some nice mahis. The guy with the biggest fish won a $20 jackpot.

The bigger mahis were very aggressive, all biting in the dark. The 49 lb shibi was just a nice bonus.

This mahi was caught right in front of Lahaina Harbor and retained some of its blue color on the dock a short while later.

A nice bull and some smaller cows cooperated for these anglers.

Hunter was stoked with the moelua that he pulled off the bottom.

The 34 lb bull mahi put up a strong fight on standup tackle.

Three for three on trolling bites is a good percentage.

Shad came across a few hungry mahis at K buoy.

The 72 and 56 lb shibis were on the live opelu as soon as the baits hit the water.

Thanks for checking out this Start Me Up fishing report. The busy season is quickly approaching. We will be fishing a little more often so the next report should be posted relatively soon. Until then, tight lines.



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Good Job on the valley island!


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Jonny and the SMU team,
Nice variety of fish w/ some good sized shibis in there...

Good goin'. A happy customer is a returning customer.