December 22, 2010 Lahaina Harbor Maui Hawaii


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Dec 9, 2008
Lahaina, Hawaii, USA
Start Me Up Sportfishing
Aloha from Lahaina Harbor, Maui. While the rest of the country is looking at cool temperatures Maui is at a brisk 77 degrees. Not too shabby. The season is upon us and the smell of fresh catch and pine are abound.

Vincent watches and learns the finer points of filleting from the Start Me Up Team.

Tyler Bain with his mahi caught on a four hour shared trip.

The Samels and Tony Berendes cheered on as Nate Berendes boated this 12 pound mahi.

Joe Gomez with his mahi caught on a morning 4 hour charter.

Way To Go! With 34 fish caught tunas and mahis Rene, Todd, Jon, Brandon and Lance had quite the work out. Their arms were screaming after their early morning charter.

Mathew and Sophia Beckworth with their first catch, some prime nabettas to be enjoyed by the whole family.

David Nopens with his mahi caught at Nassau buoy.

Souky Phanphongsa with a mahi caught on the backside of Lanai.

Patrick, Bryan, Mark and Michael with their mahis caught on a shared trip with Team Start Me Up.

Ben, Joe and Greg had a terrific catch of 7 mahis and 7 tunas on their early morning charter.

Mike, Roger, Jim, Joel and Mark with expectations high they weren’t disappointed with a catch of 8 mahis.

Jeff, Shannon, Greg and Cody boated a few nice mahi and a rainbow runner on their shared charter.

Travis, Ross, Clarke, Tony, Charlie and Amy reeled in 8 mahis on their early morning charter. They had all the fish filleted and were anxious to start barbequing.

The Woldt Family decided on a family fishing trip as their outing and cheered over their small mahi catch.

Erin, Brett, Kristi and Jason had a roaring good time boating these mahis at LA buoy.

This 31.5 pound mahi was reeled in by Anthony Klco and then filleted and shared with the whole charter.

Frank, Nancy and Afshin with some nice mahis caught on their early morning charter.

Steve, Joe and Mike with their mahi catch that they had filleted and shared with the rest of the charter.

Justin, Allison, Bryan and Rachael were all excited over their mahi catch and future barbeque.

This 6 hour shared charter boated quite the variety with Matthew, August, Steve, Rossi, Bill and Paul as the anglers. They reeled in 2 uluas (giant travali) one weighing 55 pounds a 30 pound ono and an aku.

We at Start Me Up Sportfishing wish you all the best for a Healthy and Happy New Year.