Dania to Fort Lauderdale Drift 18 September 2021

John McKroid

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Apr 24, 2018
Fort Lauderdale
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Hobie Pro Angler 14
Dania to Fort Lauderdale Drift 18 September 2021

The launch was off Ft. Lauderdale Beach a couple of hours before sunrise. Goggle eye fishing was dead along the beach, there were lots of ladyfish and I lost a sabiki to a Tarpon. After peddling South, I headed outward off Dania Beach. The weather was excellent and the sunrise was inspirational.

In 175ft, I commenced vertical jigging and was stoked to get some sushi meat right off the get-go.


In past years I have not taken many Blackfin Tuna in September, so this was a treat. Several drops later, I hooked something that fought hard in about 250ft of water. During this time of year, I have taken nice Cobia, Muttons, and Gags off Dania Beach, so expectations were high and the fight did not feel like an AJ, so it was a bit of a surprise spoiler.

A few drops later, I connected with another big fish. This time it felt like a Tuna. Having already been disappointed once, I fully expected this fish to be a large Little Tunny. It was an awesome surprise when a nice Jumbo Blackfin came up instead!

What is up with this? Nice Jumbo Blackfin off Dania in September is a first. I will take it. Fishing was slow after that until I drifted North off Ft. Lauderdale. Then I hit a school of Tuna for 4 fish in a row in four drops of the jig.



I jigged for a couple of more fish before the current became too fast for jigging so I started heading in around 1 pm.


On the way in I trolled the 1 live bait I had to catch a King Mackerel.


I did not expect to load up on Blackfins this trip, It felt more like springtime fishing than what I would normally expect in the fall. Four Blackfin were kept for an upcoming barbecue party and all other fish were to fight again another day.