Dana Wharf Dorado

Capt Devo

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Mar 14, 2010
San Clemente
Capt Devo
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Kristan K
Captain Brian Wolley skipper of the Sum Fun out of Dana Wharf Sport Fishing reported on todays Let's Talk Hook Up radio show that yesterday 9/24 was the first day in the last 57 days that there were no Dorado caught at the landing that is a crazy good run wow almost 2 months!!!! He also said that the Wharf shifted and is doing well on the nearshore rock fish hard bottom early if they can and then sliding into the Camp Pendleton kelp line for the impatient Calico Bass guys and gal's. The paddie hopping trips aren't for everyone especally the kid's with the patches behind their ears they end up sleeping it out if it's a tough day offshore. Hope the fat lady isn't singing yet as it is still Septemer! Come on Wahoo/Ono
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