Dana Slow Monday



Jan 24, 2006
Laguna Niguel
17' Whaler
Took the kids out for a little shakedown run on the whaler to try out the new Minnkota Spot lock. Spot lock is awesome. Set up on Some hard bottom east to the Harbor in about 60 feet of water and picked away on a few bass. Ran up the line to the MPLA way but it was pretty dead. On the way back almost hit a dam Mola. Did not see him with the glare of the sun and then circled back around so the kids could have a look. He hung out under the boat and then launched himself about 5 feet into the air and split. I think that was his farewell F you for almost running him over. Fog came in around noon and called it a day. Tons Of bait everywhere out in 100 120 feet of water. Bird sitting on it and wondering if it’s squid. I told my son if he could catch a 3 pound bass on a pushbutton pole our neighbor gave us I’d buy them frozen yogurt. He caught a 2 pounder or so no yogurt for him.


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