Dana Point / San Onofre Sculpin


  • Nov 8, 2019
    Wellcraft 18 Fisherman
    Two trips this last week since kids are off school. Launched 12/30/2020 from DP. Tried our luck for sculpin by checking out the local structure S - SW of the harbor at multiple depths 150-350feet - only thing we hooked was an octopus of all things. Called it a day. Went again on 1/2/2021 and headed south to San Onofre. Found two groups of fish at 200 feet due south of the inlet to San Onofre creek. The first spot we hit multiple rockfish - one great size if it wasn't off rockfish season and several babies. We descended all with my home made descender device which is the first time that finally kept the fish on instead of forcing me to grab the floating ones with a net. The second spot was about 3/4 mile inshore where we hooked multiple white fish, and some rockfish, and finally one 11 inch sculpin. Sculpin hooked onto a three inch glow in the dark hoochie squid with a strip of squid and a 2/0 gamakatsu circle. We descended all except sculpin. I threw everything I could think of - bucktails, fish traps, different hoochie squids, and anything else in my tacklbox. Squid, shrimp, and a mackerel fillets from one we caught. Zip.

    Things I learned, it takes 16 oz of lead to get a large rockfish descended and I know nothing of fishing for sculpin. This is our second year boating in saltwater so hopefully, our learning curve is steep and short.

    Hopefully anyone who reads this has a good Happy New Year, can stay healthy, can maintain a livelihood, stay sane, and can get a shot. My whole family has their sleeves rolled up waiting to get one.
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