Dana Point Rockfish


  • Nov 8, 2019
    Wellcraft 18 Fisherman
    Launched out of DP on 11/25/2020 with son and headed out to Sano. Fishing at about 200 feet, pretty much perpendicular to the domes and bite was wide open with vermillion rockfish with bites occurring as soon as we hit bottom. Within 30 minutes, we had enough for tacos and ceviche and called it quits before hitting our limit. Double dropper loops with 6 inch tags, 3 oz weight, 2/0 gamakatsu circle hooks. We used squid strips at first. Caught some mackerel en route then used fillets as well. Seemed to have no preference between macks and squid strips.

    Weather was clear, no appreciable wind or swells, mild to no chop. My kid is 10 and he was able to crank in half a dozen by himself. His quote, best day of his life. Be safe, tight lines, I hope this helps someone else try to stay sane.
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