Dana Point Harbor Drama12/10/2017


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Jul 4, 2016
Dana Point
Not sure if this is the right place, but it was the only spearfishing forum I could find. This is not a report, but spearfishing/freediving related.

I was shore fishing from the island inside the harbor by the harbor patrol station last night. Noticed some splashes up tight to the rocks down just before the bend before the island runs the length of the harbor. There was a light on the water and saw the splashes a few times so I cruised over thinking maybe someone had hooked up to something big and might need an extra set of hands. As I get closed I realize its a diving light in the water and I see a guy in a spearfishing wetsuit pop up. Just then harbor patrol rounds the bend on their normal patrol. I see the guy in the water is up pretty tight to the rocks and dives and turns his flashlight off.

He didn't get under in time as harbor patrol saw the splash and his light and light him up and put the spot light where he had been. Well dude stayed down. I don't know what he was thinking or trying to do, if he thought the didnt see them and he would wait them out or if he was trying to swim away. 2 minutes goes by and he is still down, and I yelled to the sheriffs damn he has been down awhile. They joked that he was aquaman and said maybe he has a tank. He was just free diving though. I walked down to the bend to see if maybe he had given them the slip and had got away but didnt see anything down the length of the island within a reasonable distance. He had been under by now for 3 min easy.

As I walked back I see something floating behind the patrol boat and they are backing down to it. The guy on the back grabs it and its the divers arm. The cop trys to pullhim on board but he is dead weight. I hear the cop tell him to keep his head above water. Some more struggling to get his limp body up and you hear the diver groan that painful sounding groan people let out when they are unconscious or barely conscious. The second cop gets over and gets him onto the boat and they take off for the fuel dock. Fire truck and ambulance show up a few minutes later. There was no big hurry that I can see, so maybe he came to. I didn't see them cart him off or anything before I left so I guess he eneded up being ok.

Not sure if he went into samba or legit blacked out or what. Pretty crazy though. The patrol boat didn't get too close to him, so I don't think they hit him. Not worth it either, just take the fine.

Dunno what the point of this is really. I guess just to share, maybe its not worth it and would have been better to just take the consequence. Shouldn't have been diving in the harbor at night anyway.

If anyone knows anything, and if he ended up being ok, would be cool to know. When he let that groan out it was freaky. Have only heard that when people are knocked unconscious from bad accidents and head injuries.