Inshore Dana Point Fishing Report


  • Feb 13, 2021
    Southern California
    Jake Ferguson
    Striper 220 Center Console
    Had a few hours to fish this morning. Left Dana Harbor around 7 am with a tank of fresh anchovy and headed over to Salt Creek. Ocean was glassy with sub 2 foot swells and no wind. Caught the usual Calico, Sand Bass, Mackerel, Barracuda, and Sheephead. Each trip to Salt Creek we've managed to get a good amount of fish, with some legal sized bass and sheephead. Today wasn't as wide open as it had been the week prior. I partially blame this because of our lack of chum. Last week we had a full scoop of anchovy and sardine, today we only had a half scoop of anchovy so we were more conservative with the chumming. After the bite slowed down we went for a cruise into open water to pass time, until we decided to head over to a small reef that we know off Capo Beach. Within 5 seconds of dropping bait in the water, we were both bit. We caught several short bass, along with a keeper sculpin, within the span of 15 minutes before we had to go back to the harbor. We left them biting, which was quite painful. I'm sure if we had another few hours we could've caught dozens more various species, hopefully with some larger ones mixed in. Conditions are looking great for the next week, and we'll be back there soon. Also, any word of yellows in the Dana Point/San Onofre area? I have read that they are always around, just very elusive and in small numbers. Any advice would be appreciated. Hope everyone has a great week.