Inshore Dana Point Fishing Report 6/11/21


  • Feb 13, 2021
    Southern California
    Jake Ferguson
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    Going inshore fishing out of Dana Point in about an hour or so. Planning on spending most of the time at Middle Kelp Reef a few miles from the harbor. Targeting bass using live bait and hook-up baits. If it's to windy I'll end up fishing the harbor. I'll give a report when I get back, probably around 7pm. Before I go, I have one question. If I do not see fish on the plotter, should I keep moving until I find them? Or can I anchor and drop bait in the water and hope the fish come around. Last time I went out, I spent lots of time slowly drifting looking for fish and got very little fishing done. Will the fish find my bait, or do I need to drop it directly in front of them. Feel free to leave any advice you have, thanks in advance.

    Report: As we were leaving the harbor, we passed the guy who owns the boats in our boat club. He told us as we passed him "Go to Strands!" Me and my dad both decided that we would give it a shot and ditch Middle Kelp Reef, because on the way to the harbor we saw a party boat anchored off the beach. We ended up anchored right off the Ritz Carlton hotel. We were marking a ton of fish at all levels of water, and in no time we were catching barracuda, calicos, sand bass, and my dad even got a 22 inch white sea bass. I ended up with 2 barracuda and 2 calicos. My dad caught 2 barracuda, a calico, a sand bass, and a white sea bass. We used sardine and anchovy for bait. Had better luck on the anchovy, but they would get ripped off the hook very easily and we had a pretty poor hook-up ratio, but we still managed to get our first fish (on a boat by ourselves) on the deck. Besides the large swells and high winds (which were pretty unsettling) we had a great day fishing.
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    It’s more important to mark structure than actual fish or bait when bass fishing, if you don’t see anything on the meter as you move around try using a slow trolled bait to find them, or if you were drifting cast your hookup bait around. When bass are suspended under kelp stringers your not looking for marks on the meter, just need to be on the edge of the kelp/reef with some amount of current.
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  • Jun 22, 2014
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    Anchor on the up current side so your stern is about 25' away from the kelp. (typically/prevailing so your bow is facing the harbor and your stern is facing the domes)

    They will not always show up on the meter because they are in the kelp waiting to ambush your bait. If you throw a little chum or bring a chum bucket you should be able to draw them out. Toss your bait back between the lanes (open area between the stringers).
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    Phat Matt

    Jun 30, 2003
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    put your anchor out so the wind will blow your stern right next to the kelp. Chop some bait and chum steadily. Put out some fly line baits on light line and small hooks. When start to get them interest in the chum...keep chumming a little at a time. This should get the calicos going. If they have anchovy they are what you want for calico bass fishing. my 2 cents.....
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  • Aug 11, 2006
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    LOT of GREAT INFO here from others. Good luck bass fishing! Look forward to your report and PICS. Yes the gang likes pics here!!!! LOL

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