Inshore Dana Point BFT Success 7/25


Jul 17, 2018
newport beach
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Extra hangover headstart from Dana harbor at 1:30pm with myself and T-Tang. Plan was to get on the local bft that were being posted outside Dana/Newport. Went out about 4-5 miles out looking for any sign foamers, birds, breezers. Didn't see much sign but we did run into one of those baby whales (Jayyy).

With not much action going on we decided to troll with the custom spreader bar (multi squid red/brown/black/yellow). Let it out pretty far back 70-100 yd. Kept trolling between any of the higher points we could find out there @ 6ish knots. Somewhere between the 3rd and 4th beer the trolling rod gives of that quintessential RRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII. ITS ON!

Kept the boat in pretty low gear whist T-Tang carefully brings it in taking it super easy not knowing how its hooked. On the last part of the leader we get it to color being very careful as it tries to roll into the trim tabs and prop. One quick gaff followed by another quick one and its game over. I cannot tell you how many fruitless trips and wasted gas have been made the last few years just trying to get one of these damned things on board.
Special congratulations to my buddy T-Tang on his first BTF on his own rig right outside of his own slip. It was anywhere from 65-70lbs I think.

This site has been very helpful to us and hopefully it helps one any of you get on these S.O.Bs
Side note we were not prepared ice wise so it was bled/gutted and stored in seawater in the kill bag with the one bag o ice we had on board. Meat was perfectly fine.






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Jul 27, 2006
Dana Point
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It was a great day for us. On a side note, if anyone should happen to find the spreader bar floating somewhere between 6 miles out of Dana Harbor or washed up somewhere between there and say Oceanside or even more south, I know Alex would like to have it back. Our fun was cut short at the end of the day by some googan on autopilot not paying attention to our line and our waving and hollering not to cross our stern. Needless to say, he cut off the spreader bar with a long 100lb mono leader, heavy duty snap swivel and a section of 130lb white spectra. The spreader bar had a pink stationary bird at the center with pink/purple squid trailers and yellow squid hook jig.
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