Offshore Dana point 9/17 dorado


  • May 15, 2008
    Upland ca
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    Mushroom 26 prosport
    Launched around 6:30 am at Dana. Headed to the 209. Found some the largest paddies of my life. They should of been load. 5 birds sitting on them and nothing. Bounced paddy to paddy. It was annoying for a while this diver kept following us. Thank god all the paddies were dry while he was following us. Once we got to the 289 found the right paddy. Had a steady bite for a couple of hours. We only boated 5 all on live bait. Tried chunking. They would eat the chunk at the corner of the boat but not the 15lb setup with chunk. They fish were picky. We had several pull the hook or break the line or throw the hook. Should have boated 15. All in all 5 was probably perfect so none goes to waste. I got one on the troll on the way in. Nomad lure with a bill in white and black. Pulled it into the bracket and didn’t get it into the boat before it unhooked itself and bounced back into the water. About 6:30 pm we are 8 miles from Dana and see a paddy with jumping dorado. We couldn’t buy a bite. Throw the one 1lb Mack we have and it gets bit. The fish pulled line for 30 seconds or so before throwing the hook. Then couldn’t get anything to hit our beat up remaining deans. Almost forgot we managed to catch a cormorant. Apparently it was easier for him to go after our bait then catch his own food. He was released so that one of my fellow anglers could be so lucky to catch their very own cormorant.



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    Oct 10, 2010
    Los Angeles
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    I would be pissed if that diver boat kept following you. A couple of flying jigs over the diver will help make your point loud and clear.
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