Dana Point 1-16-21



Jun 1, 2015
john r westersten
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Part 1 - parted the jetty about 6:40 no bait. Plenty of light. 6;20 or so would be right. Offshore wind so we hit the pipe starting in 48 feet or so. started with red rubber, buddy with 60 gram lime green colt. nice marks below - he is casting and retrieving, i am bouncing off the bottom. he hooks up, calico, next cast sand bass. ok get me a colt! Now! they were biting we were getting doubles, i was still just dropping and bouncing and he was casting and retrieving. we had a perfect drift all the way to 65 feet where we got the biggest calico. 10-15 fish in about 30-40 minutes and that was it. they just shut off. moved to shallow water to try some smaller plastics, nothing but mackerel back at the dock 9 am to repair the shore power plug we broke in the dark..

Part 2 - parted the jetty with the family and nice sardines about 11. headed north of 3 arch 120 feet, 65 feet nothing, stop on some traps 105 feet, nothing. headed off the point under a ton of bait 110 nothing. got close to red buoy, something has the sardine, lost it.. headed back to pipe, nothing. went to poche drifted from 20 to 14 feet nothing. went north to the spot we caught mackerel... and at least everyone aboard got a mackerel and we could be done at 3:30. there was very little current and no wind. A spectacular day on the water for January. water was green up north, a tad blue off the point, and almost brownish off poche. temp gauge said 62 the one time i looked at it.

there is a lot of bait, but not sure what it is. Birds and dolphins on it. didn't hit the colt.
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  • Apr 22, 2013
    Huntington Beach
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    Fun times. Agreed, the weather has been awesome this January!
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