Dakota Round 2

John S.

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Aug 4, 2008
Valley Center, CA
1996 Seaswirl 1850 W/A
I took my 13 year old plus lab out for another hunt today. The Teal were flying and so were some Pins and Wigeon. Dakota picked up several birds including digging one out of a bush for 15 minutes. She was spent and my buddy had to pick her up to get her back on dry land. But, she held on to that Drake Wigeon. That dog still amazes me what she can do even at 13 and with Lou Gehrig Disease. Wister was shooting. Plenty of stuff flying around. We were hunting North of Wister. I included a pic of Dakota's from today. My buddy is next to her. This is right after she pulled out a duck hidden deep in a partially submerged bush.