Daiwa Lexa 300 WN 2020 model


Apr 10, 2007
so cal
Edge Water CC/Bonafide RS117
Don’t see too many posts on these in terms of actual numbers for line capacity. Mine was able to hold 260 yards of 30 lb white power pro. helps to have the local tackle store pack it on.

update: spooled my secondLexa 300 today with 40lb jbraid. It holds 185 yards of 40 lb white jbraid 8 strand.

Could be mental but I feel like these feel slightly better than the previous models. Still heavier than my tranx 400. But the reel is solid and smooth. Good drags and casts well. I like how the clutch release lever for casting requires more pressure than before to engage. For the price I paid I find nothing really to complain about these reels. They get the job done and are a great value.

I typically use the tranx, curado 300ej, chronarch, 13fishing concept a, Calcutta (s, Te and d models). I normally fish from a private boat so I tend to use these little reels on yellowtail, dorado and tuna. The tranx and curado 300 ej easily handled bluefin up to 60 lbs. I do thumb the spool on the 300ej at the end of the fight when needed to get the fish to gaff. The smaller chronarch 200's i've used for tuna under 40 lbs without issues. Line capacity comes close to being spooled several times but once again i'm on my own boat so I'm able to chase the fish when needed. Forgot to mention i upgrade my drags on my reels to carbontex. Compared to those reels I think the lexa was a good value (i bought the reel at a discount) and easily handles the same fish w/out issue.

I bought this to use as my primary kayak reel since I don't want to lose any of my nicer reels in the surf. We will see how well it holds up.

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