custom rods for sale


da mule
Jul 16, 2007
San Diego California
Guided Missile Cruiser
I have a couple of custom rods for sale...

one is a Super Seeker L-M-9 model with a corktape handle, green turks head, and double wrapped bnlg heavy guides. it's a great 30-40lb jig stick. its in excellent condition and cost $300 brand new. looking to get $150 obo for it.

number 2 is a truline(not sure on the model number) that is wrapped with a light gray and blue wrap over fugi's with a cork tape handle. the bend in this rod is just disgusting. it's perfect for the 20lb. nailed a 18lb class yellow on it a couple of weekends ago with no troubles... looking for $80 obo.

willing to sell both rods for a better deal or trade. looking for a nice newell 338 or 440. so if you are interested then give me a call at 619-829-2815 and ask for brian. ok thanks.