Custom Built 7mm Rem Mag


Aug 4, 2009
I had this custom rifle built for me earlier this year. This was going to be my first and only custom rifle I was gong to build but turns out some stuff came up in life that I wasn't expecting and need to free up some money.

Here's the following list of what's on it.

Defiance Deviant Hunter Action (Cerakoted)

Bix N Andy two stage trigger (Trigger weight is approximately 3lbs and can be adjusted)

Wyatts bottom metal

26 inch Proof Carbon barrel with a titanium muzzle break (Muzzle break is Cerakoted the same color as the action)

Nightforce Zero Stop, NXS 5.5-25x56mm MOAR Scope with illuminated center reticle.

Nightforce Titanium alloy rings

AG Composite stock that had been bedded to the action.

Round count is exactly 100 of factory ammo (60 of Hornady Brass, 40 of Nosler Brass) Also comes with 40 rounds of factory loaded Hornady 162 grain ELD-x ammo, 100 pieces of once fired brass, an RCBS gold medal bushing die set with a few bushings, and a box of Hornady ELD-x 162gr projectiles.

Rifle shoots close to 1/2" groups from the bench with factory ammo. I'm not an expert shooter but have rang steel targets at 900 yards with it. For my shooting level, anything within 500 yards is a chip shot with this.

It will shoot better with some load development which I never got around to doing. Weight of the rifle is 9.70 pounds on my bathroom scale.

I hate like hell to even post this on here and I hope it doesn't sell, but the reality is I need to free up some money.

I'm looking for $5.7k obo.

Text is the best way to get a hold of me or if you want any specific pictures.

951 326 4252

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el Toro

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Feb 19, 2003
Point Loma
Legit build right here with all the good stuff. Worth the money!
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