CRBG 2022 January 29-30

Nov 1, 2021
Kevin Landers
Boat Name
We are hosting the southeast CRBG 2022 event this year and I wanted to let you guys know a little about what this event is. CRBG is the Custom Rod Builders Guild and is an amazing organization for new and old rod builders. They provide amazing resources as well as a community of awesome builders to help. It’s an awesome event starting with a off shore fishing trip on Friday to have some fun. Saturday starts the event with seminars and showcases from some of the top builders in the country. Sunday is also a day of seminars and Q&A’s to learn all sorts of techniques and get more ideas on your builds. The event will also have purchasing of American Tackle Co components to help raise money for the guild. Along with all that food and drink will also be available. This is a fun event, and it keeps growing year after year. We hope you join us this year! If you are interested in coming head over to and sign up!! We look forward to seeing everyone there!

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