Saltwater Crab boats down and another saved.


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Oct 23, 2019
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This year started out terrible for Washington coast Dungess crabbers. Their season was delayed by over 3 months so on February 13 they were finally able to drop their pots. What a day for setting pots and crossing the Columbia River bar just to make money. Swell conditions could not have been worse, 16 foot swells at 15 second intervals, that my friends will make you old before your time. Now to make things even worse the wind was 25 knots with gusts to 35 knots was topping those swells with dam ugly wind chop. USC&G was flying early that day as one crabber had his deck load of pots shift taking out his rail and with the pots on one side of boat the next wave shut the boat down. The helo took all three off the boat plus a dog. Later after being released the boat owner heard his pride and joy had wasted up on the beach. So to see if he could salvage some personal items he and the dog headed to the boat. On his way he crashed his truck killing his dog and putting him into the hospital with serious injuries. Sad day for that young man.

The next boat was a large vessel but again a broadside wave hit the boat knocking gear into the water which fouled the screw and rudder. He was being pushed towards the beach. But with a helo again overhead to pull the crew if needed a 46 foot USCG vessel arrived, took the boat in at least out from the surf, then a second 46 footer arrived. With two boats towing, this guy was lucky he was towed into port.

Then yesterday off of Tillamook Oregon and crabber headed in across the Tillamook bar flipped in bad conditions while USCG personal were on the Jetty lookout watching for trouble. Four crew members went in. Of the four two were not able to be resuscitated when pulled out of the water.

Barely a week into the season and its going to be remembered for sure. What makes crabbing tough out off the Columbia compared to those guys doing King crabbing in Alaska are both the storms and most boats are 60 foot or less. Then you have going out in the dark across a wild winter bar with logs and stumps coming down the river.
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Sep 20, 2005
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Read about the boat that the three fishermen and the dog were rescued from last week. Damn. Very sad.
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Jun 27, 2019
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Article and pictures of the rollover from the Tillamook bar incident yesterday:

Godspeed to these guys, and may God comfort those who mourn.

Edit: adding gofundme info

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Jun 29, 2010
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Sympathy to the families and friends, it's a tough living out there.
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