Couple semi tanker corbina North O.C report 6-5-14


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Nov 5, 2003
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Quick report as i'm taking a break from working on my truck (waiting for parts). To hot and 3 hrs bending and squating is killing me. Anyway back to fishing. Been on the down low waiting for the tides to start to swing. They have and Brandon was itch'n to go check'em. He made 25 to 30 GS Tues morning and was holding them for the trip today. I didnt have time to make the run earlier in the week so I stopped and made 50 SC's in 10 min on the way to the spot and took off to meet Brandon shortly therafter.
we hit the spot just after 6am and bingo corbs where cruising everywhere again. Brandon was fishing the GS and me with the SC's. We both mised our first biters and then for 2hrs nothing but watching 18" to supertanker size corbs cruise around us within 5 to 6'. Around 7:45am and said the heck with it and tied on a 2# fluoro leader and went down to a #8 mosqutio hook and fianly got a taker at 8:30am. Beautiful 21 to 22" model that had someones old fly with 6" line still tied to it stcuk the the right side of the corbinas face just above and behind its eye. My line had actuaky snagged the fly :shock: couple pics below
21 to 22" corb on the sand

Fly stuck to its face, took the fly out after the pic and saved it)

Glory shot

Release of the corbina, had a cool aqua color to it and was thick !!!

Swimming off

Clean water and they almost disapear in a foot or two of water

Went back to work and hit the same spot and repeated what I did to get the first one to go and 20 min later ZZZZZZZ I'm on and its a beter fish. Roughly 23"er hits the sand
23" model corbina on the beach #2 for the session

Mug shot of the corbina

Glory shot

Release pics of the 23'er

Simming off and looking good

Saw a few more after that but then the tide bottomed out and they where gone.
Fun session and it was great to get the corbina skunk off me finaly ;) :)

Both fish caught on SC's, #8 red Owner mosquito hooks, 3' of 2# fluoro , 1/4 ounce slider, 4# main, Shikari custom noodle, daiwa Lexa 2000.
Thanks for sharring the sand with me Brandon and also pushing me to go when I honestly wasn't feeling it. Your turn next ;)
Back to working on the truck :cry:
Tight lines,
2014 croaker count
12 corbs to 23"
10 spotfin to 23"
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Feb 4, 2011
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How awesome is that Lexa reel? I need to get one for my Mexico trips as my current penn barely gets any saltwater on it and the reel handle starts to seize up.
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