Couple of personal Thrasher sticks for me, pelagics beware...


I only wishes to catch some fishes...
May 14, 2009
San Diego/Tacoma USA
Limited load cattle car
Two simple Thrasher rods for my upcoming July trip in San Diego. Double duty, tossing jigs and live bait. First one in black/blue, the ubiquitous TR-MF76H. Usually my first to grab off the rack as this blank I've used successfully in the past to whip anything from 15-65 lbs. (It's already proven and capable of besting triple digit fish, going to put it to the test this month!) On a friendly recommendation by Darin Dohi @ 310 Rodworks, I decided to be different and wrap the American Tackle black TDF'S guides on it. Plus I liked the way they looked on one of Todd Gorman's past builds. Other stick in red is my RAW 75, will serve as a live bait/yo-yo rod and may see some slow pitch work, as the tip section has the correct action. Alps MXN's on this one. Both rods sport Alps aluminum reel seats in silver/black and custom Thrasher logo Winn foregrips with red/blue carbon fiber rear handles. I always thought the back end EVA handles felt weird to me. My reasoning by utilizing smooth rear grips: it will help rod slide a little better under my armpits, adjusting as needed while fighting different grade fish. (Yeah, ok I have short arms too! 😂) Plus both the Winn material and smooth carbon fiber makes it easier to clean off fish scales. Alps flanged tip tops and BC25 butt caps. A mixture of Fuji, Pac Bay and Gudebrod threads in A, C and D. (Note to self, Gudebrod thread turns really dark without CP? 🤪) 76H triple wrapped when wrestling bigger grade fish, double string on the RAW 75. All constructive criticism is greatly appreciated, with two grains of salt. I'm still learning the epoxy game. Flex Coat gives me some challenges but I bought some G4 to try out in the future. As a novice, I like to brush on an initial thick coat, then multiple thin coats after. (Hindsight, methinks I need to toss the plastic yellow/purple disposable nylon brushes and invest in good ones.) Rods locked and loaded, bound for America's Finest City. Ready for some pelagic thrashing...🤪🍻🐟









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