Coronados scouting trip 7/5 solo



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Feb 25, 2011
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It's been years since I've fished the islands mostly due to being lazy about paperwork. As of today I'm legal eagle with all the licenses, permits, insurance.

Left SI just before 6AM and hit the north tip of the north island around 7. I didn't take live bait. Figured I'd be able to make some but never did (didn't try too hard). Trolled around the north island with (I think) a Mann's stretch+ 25 for nothing. Stopped and threw a swimbait for a bit and picked up 3 calicos on 4 casts. Nothing special there. Trolled across the middle grounds and picked up a more impressive calico once I got closer to the middle islands. Looked around for a while on the weather side of south island and trolled around the north tip of south island for nothing. I got the idea to go check out the rockpile so headed south. There was a sport boat and maybe 2 private boats fishing around the south point of south island so I started my troll again across the south point and picked up a double of calicos on the same lure. One of them was even pic worthy.


Selfies with fish can be difficult. Fished around some more for nothing else, continued on to the rockpile just to make sure it's still there, and then headed home. Got wet on the way back but that's what happens when you have a little boat and head home about an hour too late.

TL;DR Went to the Coronados and didn't see much that wasn't obviously tied to structure.
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Apr 18, 2004
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Thanks for the report-water still looks a little green-hope it cleans up soon.
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May 26, 2015
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I fished south island Friday for halibut in 35 to 53 feet for nothing except some calicos and a couple of yellows one which went 23 pounds , I then went below the ridge and picked up a nice halibut in 113 feet , for some readon they arr still laying in the deeper water , going back out Wednesday to drift the deeper spots to see if I can find them again
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