Coronados 6/19 Biting

Ricky Fish

Aug 2, 2017
Newport Beach, CA
Ricky Fischel
2520 Parker
Got a real fishy squad together to go chase some yellows down at the islands. Fished with Kyle, one of the tuna twins, and our buddies Cole and Taylor. Got down to the islands about 6 after grabbing bait, and started to look around below south island. Looked around for about an hour with nothing really going on at all. As we were boxing the area a nice bird schools forms and the fish start going puddling pretty good beneath it. Cole hung a really quality fish on the surface iron and they were going good still, but slightly out of our range and by the time we got the fish in the boat it sunk out.

After that the fleet showed up and we didn't really see any good sign for quite awhile. Set up just below the pens on the outside of a floating army and picked away at some fish on bait, flyline and dropper loop. Put a couple fish in the boat on that drift, but after awhile it seemed like the fish were no longer coming through, but I spotted a nice spot of birds working just outside of everyone. We started slowly weaving our way through all the boats and when we got to the pile, Kyle and Cole instantly hung fish on the jigs.

That would be the story for the rest of the day, we chased scattered birds around that had puddlers underneath them and threw the jig. We had doubles, triples, and even a quad on the surface iron when they really got going good. Didn't matter the color of the jig, if you got on them before someone else came in and ran them over, you were going to get bit. We caught 90% of our fish between 10-12, pretty much all on the surface iron.

Ended up landing about 25 yellows, and missed a few more. We released more than half of the fish that we landed, and kept a few so that each of us would have fresh hamachi for a little while. A vast majority of our fish came on the iron. We headed for home around 12:30. One of the most epic surface iron bites any of us had ever experienced at the islands, even with the crazy amount of boat pressure on them. They're here.






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  • Nov 20, 2008
    san diego calif. usa
    18' Invader CC 15' bayliner son of a beach
    What a miserable day, I would much rather be working.... well that is what my ex-wife would have said. way to go! making memories with the buds... you will talk about it as the good ol days when your my age. 👍 thanks for the report
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