Islands Coronado islands tails and tuna 9/2


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  • Dec 14, 2011
    La mesa ca
    17 ft invader cc (Somethings Fishy)
    Fished the islands today with my uncle and managed to scratch a pretty decent day. We launched at 530 and picked up a great scoop of larger dines that were well cured. Sea conditions were great and were at the middle grounds by 630.

    Water conditions were marginal at best with temps ranging from 62 to 67 depending on location and off color most everywhere. We metered a decent amount of yellows around the middle grounds but the low water temps had them sluggish. We finally found some bitters around the ribbon kelp area and put a few nice yellows and a bonus bluefin on the boat in 50ft of water. All the bites came on the slow troll way back behind the boat.

    We hit some stones on the way home for some nice lings and fat reds to add to the kill bag. Once some warmer clean water moves back in the bite should bounce back. Have fun and stay safe.

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