Convertible, under $170k, 30-38' length, 20+ knot cruise, headroom 6'1"+


Sep 27, 2019
Los Angeles
Not quite yet
Hey all,
I know people ask similar "what boat should I get" questions on a regular basis but I've never seen these specific parameters so I'm asking my own version of the question.

I want a boat for the Channel Islands (Catalina, etc.) in SoCal, mooring up as a liveaboard in various harbors and coves for 2-7 days at a time, frequently solo but occasionally with girlfriend or other friends, something seaworthy offshore in the Pacific, something relatively quick and fun (20+ knots cruise), have a generator, AC/heat, watermaker, etc. (some of these systems could be acquired later). I think an upper and lower helm would be ideal so I could be in the salon while underway as an option, but I know most modern convertibles don't offer that.

I've been considering Riviera 33, 34 and 36 convertibles, Lindell 36, and Mediterranean 38 for their upper and lower helm options. And more generally Luhrs 32, 34 and 36 convertibles, Skipjack 30, Cabo 35 (mostly above my pricepoint). Any others I should consider?

I'm happy to consider other sedans, downeast, maybe expresses etc. that fit my needs but I'm finding that slightly older small-to-medium convertibles are hard to beat when it comes to seaworthiness, speed, and useable cabin/salon area for cruising in an affordable (less than $170k) package.