Craftsman on the lake
Apr 23, 2020
Daniel Gagner
Daniel Gagner
Well, I did something I'd been thinking about for awhile. I built a lure to test lures. I call it convertible because it has interchangeable parts sort of like Mr. Potato Head. You can change bill, line tie locations, weights and their locations. The video has a short part about what it is and it's build, and later on I try it with many different configurations. My goal is to be able to try things out before I put the time in making lure. Sometimes I'll want to alter something about my bait build, make it, paint it, and find out that the variation is a bust. I've got a handful of crank baits that are some of my best artwork. They're very pretty, but behave horribly in the water. I've got some ugly ones that move like a ninja.... go figure.

I don't know if this build is good or just plain weird... but here it is anyway...

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