Offshore Constitution 6/29-7/1

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allwyas fishing
Jul 30, 2008
Point loma
Went out on a 1.5 day on the constitution out of H&M landing. Let me start by saying the Dennette family run an amazing operation on both boats (Poseidon and constitution) I have fished both boats multiple times and they are the only boats I fish with. I have been fishing sport boats my whole life and have been in several different boats. These guys are fish killers, but they are also very safe and knowledgeable. Both boats are very comfortable but my favorite is the Poseidon. Amazing crew as always, they work hard and want you to catch fish! We left the slip at 7pm Tuesday and the boat was already baited up, got the run down on the way out that we would be fishing by midnight. Diawa sk and knife jigs have been the most productive for the night bite, I rigged up and hit the rack for a few hours of rest as I would be fishing for 36 hours straight. The absolute most rail time I have ever got in a 1.5 day!! Woke up at 1130pm and a few minutes later we were in our first sonar stop, fish were marked 40-60 fathoms. About almost all passengers were fishing but as the night progressed and schools were being marked no one connected. Myself and only 6 others fished all night, grey light appeared and we continued to look for sonar fish, had no problem finding fish through out the day but they would not stick with the boat for very long, we finally got one spot of fish to stick with the boat and we’re able to pick off 4 on a colt sniper and 20ib flyline (school fish). We kept moving as the school moved on, we got into a area of bigger fish 100-200ibers and set up a drift with the kite, sat on that spot for about 1.5 hours for nothing. The whole fleet was struggling that day! As the sun was going down capt. Keith got on the hailer and said we will be fishing a zone we’re they had done good the previous night on knife jigs and flat falls in the dark. I rigged up a 300gram Diawa SK zebra chrome/glow. Got some dinner and got ready for the night grind. Around 9pm a couple guys hook up on our stop but about 3 min. In they busy off due to poor tackle. Next stop capt Keith says it’s a giant school 40 fathoms down! I drop down and at about 400ft my line goes slack and reel stops moving, put the reel in gear and starting winding, rod loads up and line starts to peel off, bitter!!!! The fish was real squirly but came to color quick, it decided to take off to the bow and it wraps almost the whole boat up. Capt Keith and crew handled the issue very well and calmly they saved my fish and everyone else’s jigs! We continue to fight the fish for another 40 min and get it to color and see it’s a cow!! Got the fish on deck and tapped/measured its estimate 217iber my first cow!









Aug 22, 2010
Compton, Ca
I assume the Daiwa SK get bit way better than the flat fall? Did you keep the stock hooks or you had them upgraded ?
nice fish , congratulations
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Yes the SK is a lot thinner profile so it gets down to the zone a lot quicker than a flat fall. I used the original hooks, I thoroughly inspected them and they were fine after the fish. But I will not chance it again and will be braising bigger hooks on
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Fear No Fish
  • Apr 22, 2013
    Huntington Beach
    2008 Trophy 1802 "Mako My Day"
    Ho hum, another giant tuna report. Geez, were the lizardfish not available? :D

    Congrats on an awesome fish, and your food pics are making me hungry!
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    Jun 29, 2006
    20' skipjack flybridge
    Nice fish man. Appreciate the story. Great boat too, hope we can go on it soon.
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