Offshore Condor 1.5 day Bluefin

Aug 16, 2021
Orange County
John Blum
Boat Name
Pacific Offshore
Left Friday on the Condor out of fisherman’s landing on a 1.5 day

31 passengers

Headed 60 miles south towards Ensenada.

It was a parking lot, every boat in the fleet was down there.

Sonar fish were eventually found for the night bite at about 1am.
Fish were smaller 20-40lb grade.

Guys fishing the red 300g rip roller we’re catching fish on every drop. absolutely killing it. One guy and his brother had 10 fish in the first hour.

Smaller grade fish were not bighting the footling knife jigs or larger 500g jigs.

I tied on a 160g flat fall silver and was bit on the drop. After it was gaffed I got my flat fall back in the water , was hit on the drop again. After limiting quickly I was content and happy

By 5am we were about 12 fish shy of limits for the 31 passengers (62 bluefin).
We put out 2 troll rods with cedar plugs.

At 8am the trollers went off. We were in a thick school. I got my live bait rod with 25lb test and 1/0 j hook flylined a bait. Was bit immediately . Everyone with a bait in the water went bendo and we quickly reached our limits. The grade fish was a little better 25-45 lb

Finished the rest of the searching for kelps. Pretty slow on the yellowtail. First kelp we bagged 2 and a few hours later we landed an additional 5.

Conditions got squally. Big rollers . 5-10ft swell and wind increased in afternoon. Was a bumpy ride home.

Overall very fun trip with a good group . So nice to be catching bluefin in April within close range