Commander 9/11


Jul 21, 2015
Returned last Sunday from a great trip aboard the Commander! I almost canceled the morning of cuz I had a sore throat and felt a cold/fever coming on but figured I could tough it out and I didn't want to lose my deposit. The day before had been tough on the fleet with most boats only getting a handful of yellowfin so the crew made sure we rigged up with light line (20lb) and small (#2) hooks. Took some nyquil and was out until 6:15 when my alarm went off and got some coffee and a delicious bagel breakfast sandwich. Wow there sure were a lot of boat out there! We got on our first school around 8 and went wide open for the next hour and slowed to a plunker bite afterwards. I went 4/5 on 20lb yellowfin and everyone seemed to land at least 1 with multiple casualties per person. At about 1pm decided to look for another school since we hadn't had a bite in a while and were surrounded by 15+ small boats. I didn't eat lunch but the chicken looked great. Also the crew served up some sashimi bluefin which was excellent. Found our next/last school at 3:30pm and I was able to get 1 more so I rounded out at 5 yellowfin for the day. We left at 5pm after a guy helped by the crew landed a 63lb yellowfin on 25lb test (sorry no pic)! Overall a great trip and would definitely ride the boat again!