Comfort stops while on Game drives


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Jan 23, 2014
San Juan Capistrano
Gary M
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Recently while visiting the LEWA Wilderness in Northern Kenya I couldn’t help but notice the inordinate number of rest stops being made to accommodate the female hunters with porcelain facilities kept pristine clean in the middle of the jungle.

Now we were told emphatically not to exit the Safari vehicle for any reason lest you would be eaten by a lion or meet with some unpleasant fate like being bitten by a mongoose or worst yet stumbling upon an anthrax infested Cape buffalo horns and live to regret it.

Now being in the middle of Africa I was reminded of my insensitivity to the females in the group and how the female anatomy required these frequent stops in lieu of continuing with the much anticipated game drive.

Any hoo I have matured since my return and recognized my insensitivity to the beautiful ladies that accompanied us on our expedition.
These same events repeated themselves on the Serengeti and all along the Mara. Once our Grand Caravan that Mr Kent had arranged for us reaching our next tented Safari lodge in Tanzania these shenanigans would stop and the ladies could learn to pee behind the bushes like everybody else. The me too movement was in full force. I felt the ladies had their wires crossed as we were talking about peeing not unwanted sexual advances.

To this day I remain a gentleman and always leave the toilet seat up for the ladies. When I visit Africa my recent sensitivity training help me understand it’s not all about me sometimes and have to make accommodations for others and not be so quick to judge other people’s potty habits when in the bush.

Life for me is a constant exploration despite having Jaguars ripping at my flesh and a Wolverine chewing on my leg.


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May 11, 2007
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Is it safe to assume there will be more reporting of a scatalogical nature?

Please include any and all Bot fly videos or pictures you have access to.
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