Classic/Older Fishing Tournaments


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Aug 14, 2012
San Fransisco,CA USA
Yep....I remember that. There were a couple of companies battling each other for MAKO tourney dominance. The other company was I.G.T. (International Gamefish Tournaments) I think in the end....IGT won and took over that one.

Don't have any pics. ...but remember working.closely with Doug Bombard at the Ithmus / Twin Harbors. He always welcomed anglers with good service and plenty of "cans" for tie ons. Brought in many additional staff and always had.good food there at the restaurant. For years... he would build and run a bait receiver for those tourneys. Not always the best looking bait....but he tried hard.

Of course all of this because AVALON was in "robbery" mode, that time of year. No "cans".... no room... no bait.... sometimes hours of waiting for fuel. If you had a "contender" to weight in at ROSIE's..... could be a few more hours.

I appreciated him and his staff for all they did. Did tournaments there as a sponser for maybe 10 years with IGT.


I've posted enough I should edit this section
Dec 30, 2017
garden grove
Yes!! I was watching some shark shows on TV leading up to shark week and I flashed back to these tournaments. I lived in Two Harbors and worked at the restaurant. The guy who ran these was just an individual with a few sponsors, his name was Brian. I was one of the locals always eager to help him out as he brought plenty of schwag, especially frozen chum buckets. He had the most killer marinade recipie for Mako. We always got to cater the banquet as well. Doug's son -in-law Gary, who was a fisherman himself and the restaurant manager, was always on top of stuff like this. He was able to order bulk, and IQF Mackerel through the bait company we used to supply the store, and prior to the tournament we spent many a drunken night on the pier shagging flying fish with Hawaiian Slings and nets. Such good memories!