CI Halibut 3/15


Jul 9, 2018
With work and classes both moving online, I was able to clear out a day to fish halibut at the Channel Islands. Saw nobody at the SB launch ramp and very few other boaters on the water despite the pretty clean weather. Arrived at Santa Rosa Island around 7:30 AM and started bouncing.
First fish was boated around 9:00AM- around 24”- perfect eating size.

After that we kept pounding sand to get a sole around 11:30 AM. As many have mentioned on this site, those are excellent eating fish.
Just as the wind started up and my buddy suggested tucking in for some rock fishing before heading home, one of the bounce ball rigs started screaming out line. This was nothing like our previous two bites, and I was silently suspicious that it would come up boatside just to be a mud marlin or something. Those worries dissipated when I saw the 40lb class fish at deep color and initiated the fire drill of getting gaff ready, etc. Stuck the fish, got it on board and it was high fives all around. Thing taped out to 43” and weighed 38lbs bled and gutted.

It is reassuring to see a big mama like that come up and hit the deck after having spent dozens of hours bounce balling for nothing. Reminded me why I love fishing.

we then spent about an hour plucking at a good grade of rockfish before heading back to SB harbor.
I am super grateful that I was able to get out there, as I’m not sure when weather and circumstances will next allow for such a trip.

Stay well everyone,
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