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May 9, 2006
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37' Strike Walk Around
Hello All,

I'll be upgrading my MFD to a Simrad NSS 12 and want to get the input about CHIRP Sonar. I am out of San Diego, grandkids in the bay, offshore during the season and butts off of IB, finger bank, lower 9 etc for the bottom critters. Currently I have no confidence in the antiquated Furuno with transom mount b60 ducer.

Is it worth the etc dough for the CHIRP to at least have a better clue or should I just hire Capt Dave H at a fraction of the cost after installing the system without the Chirp.

I plan on :
NSS 12
BSM 1 or 2
Lss-2 Structure Scan

Not sure on the ducers TMount or thru hull but know this is where you make the system perform to it's fullest installed on 1986 24' SJack FB.

Thanks, hope to pull the trigger in a couple of weeks.
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Apr 20, 2011
Northern Idaho
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For anyone upgrading from an older system or outfitting a new boat.... CHIRP is certainly worth taking a look at as it is the highest tier of recreational sonar capability.

With a boat your size a few transducer choices are a transom mount Tm265, an in hull M265, a pocket mount PM265 or the B175 in hull pair.

All have the same basic sonar paramaters.

The Tm265 is the easiest to install with the M265 close behind.
Both the Tm265 and the M265 have over 700 times greater round trip sensitivity over their tone pulse counter part transducers...that combined with the CHIRP swept frequency technology will give amazing results.

I have used both the above units with both the Garmin GSD-26 and the BSM-2.

Garmin has announced a built in CHIRP sounder with its new 741xs (along with new Baby CHIRP transducers) that will be coming out next won't be long before all manufactures will have a complete line of CHIRP units for almost every lever of recreational fishing.

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