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Mar 15, 2023
San Diego
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The team at BD Outdoors knows that there is nothing in the world as thrilling as pulling on a bluefin tuna. The abundance of these hard-fighting fish in Southern California has changed the playing field and opened new opportunities for the younger generation of captains looking to make a career in the sportfishing industry.

In our newest film, Lucky B, presented by Mercury Marine, we take a dive into the reasons why our fishery has changed in the last few years. Along with that change, comes new captains hungry to establish a name in the SoCal fishery. One of those up-and-coming captains is Brandon Nelson, a San Diego local with a lifetime of fishing experience under his belt. Brandon’s story is unique, and the adversity he has faced has changed the way he views the world. Through a rollercoaster of challenges, one thing stays consistent for Capt. Brandon Nelson: catching fish.


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