Changing Out My Treble Hook For a Single Inline!

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  • May 17, 2016
    Kapolei, HI
    Christopher Takahashi
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    Why Am I Swapping Out My Treble Hook For a Single Inline Hook?

    When i fish i tend to release most of my fish unless a friend or family member asks me ahead of time. Trebles almost guarantees that a fish won't spin off when hooked. After all there's 3 barbed tips on a treble hook whereas a single hook has only one. Plus 3 barbed tips can do tremendous damage to the fish.

    Knowing this i decided to pinch the barbs in on the trebles. This really helped but there was still a lot of blood. So i decided to use single hooks instead. My friend Matt Swainbank of Mustad suggested i use Mustad Hook#10121NP-DT. This is a single trailer hook used for Surface to sinking lures. These "inline" hooks are very different from normal fishing baiting hooks. The shape of the eye of the hook lines up perfectly with the direction of the barbed tip. In other words no water resistance when moving through the water.

    To make this easier i just cut off the much smaller split rings & used some Mustad #5 Split Rings that i already had. To accomplish this you do need a "mini" split ring pliers. This whole process didn't take long providing you have the components. The lure will have a different rocking action but i'll be able to inflict less damage to the fish. So in this video i'm sharing my process.

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