CEYMAR HD! Out Of Box Full On Review!

Scuba Chris

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  • May 17, 2016
    Kapolei, HI
    Christopher Takahashi
    Boat Name
    Christina Ann
    Okuma's Ceymar HD spinning reel line won BEST NEW REEL in Nov.2022 at the Big Rock Canada Show!

    Today i just received a nice box from Okuma USA with the new Ceymar HD CHD-1000A spinning reel in it for me to try. Right off the bat 2 items impressed me. The 7+1 bearings was the first. And on a 1K size spinner? But wait, it gets better. The Max Drag rating is 11lbs! Again on a 4K spinner?

    I can see why it won Best New Reel! This is by no means a reel for baiting large predators. It's a heavily stocked finesse reel with oomph! I plan on filling it with 4lb monofilament line from Soft Steel. I already know my targeted species. In Hawaii it's the Big Eyed Scad. Young Scads are called halalu & the adults are akule.

    The young are finicky during the day. You must use light 2-4lb monofilament line with equally lighter leaders often 15-25ft in length. Remember i did say finicky. These are tasty raw or fried. They make great bait whole or cut. I plan on using my Fishon Spooler by Sportsman Innovation to spool my own line on. It's actually very easy & satisfying to spool your own line on.

    Once the winter weather eases up a bit i'll spool some line on & will go out testing it. I'm sure it'll perform better than the angler.

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