Celebrating the birth of our nation with Two Guys & A Hog


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Mar 18, 2012
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Celebrating the birth of our nation with a trophy hog
In the beginning the peoples who called America home were slaves of Great Britain. The English men came here for business., however, after a short time they started to govern and take complete control. NO WAY! The people of America began to fight for their liberty. After a long revolution the thirteen colonies of America declared independence from Great Britain.
On July 4, 1776 the Second Continental Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence. The Declaration proclaimed that the thirteen colonies then at war with Great Britain were now a sovereign, independent nation.
The United States of America was born. We are a proud nation, a free nation. On July 4 of every year we give thanks for our freedom; thanks to our forefather who were more than willing to give everything they had to give in the name of freedom.
We are FREE to give thanks in our own way. Traditionally many celebrate by watching fireworks displays, and family bar-b-que in the back yard.
My back yard was, is, my home-away-from home; my hunting camp:

Talk about a way to celebrate the birth of a nation:

And what a home it was. The hunting and camp life was absolutely outstanding. My wife & I hunted Buck & Boar for twenty years. Our camp had everything... An Airstream trailer, huge cook shed, running water, a very nice bath house, as well as a walk-in cooler.

During our last five years of married life we were both retired. We would spend the entire hunting season at camp. The hog hunting was so good we would often fill the cooler ourselves. Shortly after our last hunt cancer took my loving wife of 39 years; the mother of our three daughters. A lot of me went with her. Forget hunting; I did not even care much about living, but life goes on. Today our camp is still at Buck & Boar. To go back alone would be more than I could take.

I have always been very patriotic. I believe in our great Country. In...

I believe in hunting and fishing. The Governor of Florida, Governor DeSantis' had made it very clear that...

After balancing on boat decks, and charging through swamps, for well over sixty years I find that I can on longer do what I once did.
My fishing is done through the eyes of my good friends John & Tammy. What about hunting?
Several years ago I found another home-away-from home. Enter Perry Florida's Two Guys & A Hog.

I have been a regular ever since.
My guide, Francisco, is the best guide I have ever worked with.

He is more that willing to go that extra mile to make sure this old man has the best hunt he can possibly have.
July 4, 2020, excitement is building:

Francisco is ready to take me to my hunting blind.

I wanted to hunt in the wide-open field. He strongly suggested I hunt this long fence line way in back. "Bob, a trophy boar has a run-way along that fence; that's your best chance." OK! let's go get him.
As Francisco opens the gate little did we know what we were in for:

As we get close to my hut we see him. The monster is 100 yards out and looking straight at us.

In a instant he charges. Within a matter of seconds he is all but on-top of us. I have been chased numerous times at Buck & Boar. Me and my .45-70 Marlin Stainless Guide Gun would quickly send them to that great hog-heaven in the sky. This was different; the Marlin as still in its case.
I froze! Luckily Francisco didn't. That monster with huge cutters is five feet away. This man-among-men yelled so loud it startled the beast. See that littler lean to in the picture by hut; he ran through it and out the back.
Talk about going the extra mile, Francisco saved me from serious bodily harm. From now on my trusted Marlin will be ready to go.
Look at the track left by that monster in back of my hut:

It's man against beast! Who will win?
This is the electric corn feeder I will be hunting by:

As Francisco attempts to spread more corn, the beast charges again. Watch, 37 seconds into the accompanying video, that BIG Boar chase my trusted Guide.

This has got to STOP. Stop it I will!
I am confident my .45-70 will get the job done:

Love the .45-70 tradition. Did you know it was born during the black powder buffalo hunting days of the Old West?
He is BIG, mean, and ready for a fight; SO AM I!

He is looking straight at me. Is he going to charge?
Try it!
I put the cross-hairs of my 3X9 Nikon scope between his eye, and, ever so gently, touch the trigger. The awesome power of that .45-70 is on its way. Hog down; hog down & out. Watch that 405 grain ULTAMAX, 2:10 minutes into the video, do what it does best:

Watch the end-the-field video. You must see it to believe it!

On July 4 of every year we give thanks for our freedom; thanks to our forefather who were more than willing to give everything they had to give in the name of freedom.
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May 11, 2007
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Great post, Bob.

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