Cedros WSB Sat. 6/22


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Jun 17, 2003
Encinitas (Olivenhain)
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Bill Fisher
18' Bayliner Trophy, cuddy
Went with Cedros Sportfishing. Rosie and Jeff are great, it is really a great trip and so easy. Fishing had slowed from previous trips, but sometimes one fish can make a trip. Hope I can post a few pics here, the WSB went 54.8 lbs after bleeding. The yt was 25lbs. Caught with a Tranx 400 with 40 lb Izor and 40 lb Seagar Blue Label. When you fish for Calicos down there, go big just in case something like this bites your plastic!!
And notice I was representing BD wearing the shirt with the shark eating the seal that stole the YT (on the back of shirt).

wsb n yt.JPG