Cedros Sportfishing - August 29 through September 2, 2022


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Jul 24, 2005
Saratoga, CA
alan tani
Boat Name
grady white tournament 19, grady white journey 258
short version - this was the best trip to cedros that i have ever had. weather was good, the guys were all great, the fish cooperated and cedros sportfishing made it all happen. we do need a little more ice on the boats and we need a way to either catch bait faster in the morning or have bait already on the boat when we board. regardless, it was an awesome experience and i highly recommend the guys at cedros sportfishing. on to the report.

august 28th, 2022

you know the drill. up at 5am from the san jose area with just one fuel stop and and a couple of bathroom stops, me, tracy and jack. we made it to the san diego airport and 12:30, arriving at the exact moment that mike pate was walking out the door from his flight from georgia. all four of us will be staying at the sea harbor inn, the old vagabond.


dinner at miguel's is always 5pm. there is always room at the bar. these guys must be getting old. they're not drinking near as much as in previous years! this is me and georgia mike!


rich brethour from arizona, todd johansson from british columbia, and jack bradley from san francisco.


ryan wood from oregon, tracy wong from santa clara, and ron jones from washington.


the dude lost a ton of weight!


then it's off to the marina club! just so you know, tracy is a tournament pool player. georgia mike's not half bad.



august 29th, 2022

first order of the day is breakfast at denny's. then it's an easy drive from the harbor to otay mesa and the cross border express, or cbx, at 8am. for this leg, you need a passport, a boarding pass for your flight, and this ticket to cross. you go through the gate, down the hall and up the elevators. there is only one way. once on the top deck, you walk across the border into mexico to mexican customs. a cedros sportfishing staff person meets you as you exit customs and takes you to the airline desk to check your luggage. then you walk past the bar..... ahem, i said past the bar.... to the gate. we board the plane at 10:20.


the plane is a 14 seat cessna grand caravan. you are limited to 70 pounds of luggage per person. if you weigh 150 pounds and the other guys are all 220, you don't get credit.



final check.



and we are airborne!

here are a few shots of the east side of the island.





one thing that i've never taped before is the ride from the airport to the lodge. the town itself is in pretty rough shape. covid certainly didn't start, but it was beat up from before.

the lower lodge itself is very nice. remember that last month we stayed and the newer upper lodge the lower lodge is the original. both are equally as nice.

ok, no goofing off. we are fishing in 30 minutes! we get 4 hours of fishing time. it was pretty incredible. limits or near limits for all!!!


and back to the lodge for dinner!




nothing like an easy first day of fishing that sets the tone for the rest of the week!


august 30th, 2022

tuesday! up at 5am, breakfast at 5:15, leaving for the boats at 6am, boarding at 6:15, making bait and fishing by 7am. my first fish was quick and easy! javier is our captain again.


tracy had a little trouble for his first fish but landed all the rest. we got an easy limit of ten!



since the larger sport boats and net boats have been banned, the populations of bait and predatory fish have exploded!!!!

august 31, 2022

wednesday! i switched boats with georgia mike and fished with ted reyes on captain joel's panga. it was easy limits and a run to natividad for calico and sheepshead.


that night was a dinner with yellowtail collars. they were fabulous!






september 1, 2022

last day of fishing! making more bait! it was slow for me and ted. need to find a faster way to do this, or just already have bait when we board. it took us 45 minutes to fill the bait tank when most guys were done in 15 to 20.


for the last three days, we had been fishing in the shallows due south of the salt transfer station. on this morning, the massive schools of bait was either down or just gone. we still stuck three and then ted asked if we could go to point san augustin. it was the perfect call. we found a kelp paddy and slow trolled macks in a big circle. with every pass, we would hook a fish. we ended up with a full limits for captain and crew in no time!



september 2, 2022

last day, time to go home!


i can't say this enough. i go on alot of trips. this trip was, without a doubt, absolutely, totally, one of the best fishing trips that i have ever been on. yes, the fish cooperated, but it was also the staff at cedros sportfishing and their attention to detail that made it so much better. the rooms are nice, the food is home style and delicious, the boats all have 40 pounds of ice on board, and the fish are immediately gutted and gilled. from the boats they go straight to the processing facility where they are cut up, vacuumed packed and frozen. they have it all. the boats and captains, the lodge and staff, and the fish handling. rosie, thank you. please book us for two trips next year.
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Jul 24, 2005
Saratoga, CA
alan tani
Boat Name
grady white tournament 19, grady white journey 258
if they want. we will definitely pay for the extra level of service!!!!
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