Cedros report Aug 7-11


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Jan 24, 2012
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Just got back from fishing Cedros with a great bunch of guys. I have been watching for firsthand reports on Cedros and there was not much so maybe this will help someone. Fishing was not off the hook stupid kind of fishing like you can get sometimes at Cedros. We had to work for them. Most of the yellows were caught on the lee side of the island close to the pueblo. They went from 5 to 30 lbs there. They were caught on yoyo iron or mackerel both flylined and with a 3/4 sliding sinker. Bait was easy to make just outside of the harbor. First morning I had a good surface bite at punto Morro for calicos a a few smaller yellows. The JRI 3 in dark green worked well for me as did some slow pitch jigging. Later that morning I did well using some deadhead jigs in white. With that jig I picked up calicos, some yellows, a nice halibut, a juvenile black sea bass, barries and bonito. It was a fun jig to fish, just thought I would give them a try. It is a little smaller than a 6xjr. Dennis sells them here on the board.
The second day we spent spear fishing for one small halibut. Dove from punto Morro to the North point. Saw only small yellows not worth shooting and very few calicos. I was surprised we did not see more. If I were to dive again I would go to the weather side north of Punto Agostino a place called las cuevas and hang out in an alley in the kelp for WSB. A nice 40lber was caught there by one of our group. two others were hooked and busted off while fishing for calicos with white plastics. Not much kelp on the lee side of the island or at punto norte.

If it is calicos you want head to punto Agostino, the south west point of the island. Off shore the point there is a large reef and it was great fun fishing for nice calicos there. The boiler rocks around that point is also very good. We saw the best signs of life there. Once we had our fill of calicos, barries, bonito, we headed off shore 5 miles and all you wanted YFT 10-20 lbs on xrap rapalas 15. We did not have tuna feathers. They would have also worked. Hooked into one YFT that was much larger but he busted us off. After finishing with the tuna we headed back to the boiler rocks around Punto Agostino fishing for calicos. Saw a nice yellow follow the swimbait. Slow trolled maks right there and hooked large yellows we boated 2 out of 4 hookups. 1st one 41lbs on IGF scale and 2nd one 40lbs. We were feeling pretty good about ourselves until we went zero for 4 there the next day as they cut us off on the kelp and rocks. Big fish in bad neighborhood. On that day we even picked up two YFT just off the boiler rocks also.

Looked for kelps off shore on the lee of the island. found one with two yellows and another with one nice dodo but no takers.

Final day our captain takes us to a rock off shore a bit on the weather side that was deeper. tried dropper loop but large fish could not be stopped. possible grouper or BSB. The calicos were all very large there. I tried some speed jigging and did very well on the bomber calicos. They liked pink and white.

One lure I would take two of would be the xrap long cast 14 in black back, silver side and orange belly. The calicos just loved it. It was by far the best producer until we lost the only one we brought.

We stayed at Cedros Outdoor adventures. Wonderful experience. Nice big rooms. Cieling fans and large counter fans for each bed to be able to sleep cool. Food was wonderful. They look after every need from carrying your gear to making your beds. View is killer as you watch the birds working right in front. Lunches were adequate. You honestly fish 6-6. They work hard for you. They ran out of vacuum seal bags so bring some with you and leave the extras. Also bring some dropper loop weights, we ran out. Leave the extras with your boat captain there are not available on the island. Yes I looked at their tackle store.

Have a great time.


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Mar 2, 2006
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Thanks for trying them Floyd sounds like you had a great trip tAke care


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Sep 8, 2006
Ed Hayden
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Thanks for the report. I'm going in early Sept so appreciate the info.


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Sounds like a fun trip.. that should be on everyone's bucket list !