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Oct 3, 2004
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link to show here Open up this link. Go to June 20th show where Rosie of Cedros sportfishing is the guest. She talks about the difficulties and wht is delaying the opening.

Do this and you will hear straight from the real source.

My recollection = 2 problems at same time

problem # 1 = Covid and things closed

problem # 2 = runway on island is in bad shape and government closed it

PRe-covid = runway in bad shape. someone complained/requested Government to fix it. So Gov shut it down in November-ish and said they would fix it. All concrete must be hauled in by boat. Things take time in Mex. so before they could fix it, Covid rolled in and shut down the repair of runway. So now ll must get to mainland by boat - even for medical issues. Rosie on show sid they are explaining the problem to the government and hope the will re-open runway until it is fixed.

COVID & MEx: Government has shut down the country so people can not go from one town to the other. This is still in place now. So this is stoping any workers from going from mainland to island to fix runway.

The radio show is LETS TALK HOOKUP. Rosie had to tell the hosts, on air, that their July trip is cancelled. She also talks of August. So listen to the show for details.

I leave next week on 6 day longe range trip - usually goes to guadalupe Island - no Gualdlupe this trip because port of Ensenada is completely closed so we can do the check in with them. We must wait for Mex to open the port( due to covid).

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