"Cedar Plugs" handmade from exotic hardwoods

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Mar 9, 2016
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Kinda of random but would you consider trading wood for plugs? I'm an arborist and when we take out unusual trees I save blocks of wood thinking I might turn some bowls someday. I have a nice chunk of birds eye walnut and regular walnut and some big blocks of birdseye red eucalyptus and some other wood that's pretty nice. Taking out a huge ash with a fat burl at the base in a few weeks. Thought I'd ask, hate chipping it.
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  • Jul 18, 2006
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    The shop and in Tehachapi is finally running. I am clearing the smell of cardboard and replacing it with aromatic hardwoods. Some plugs are even made and ready to ship!

    If you want a plug like these, email me at:
    [email protected] .NET
    [email protected]

    Leopard wood


    Eastern red cedar


    Osage orange (yes, it is called orange, but is yellow)
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    Nice Mark.

    Sorry we didn't get to meet up before you left. Wife got busy and the glass PO box doors got pushed back.

    Good luck in the home!
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  • Jul 18, 2006
    Tehachapi, CA
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    I just received this from a satisfied customer.


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    Quick testimonial: When it was my turn to troll on a recent 8-day, I put out one of Mark's paduak wood plugs and it was slammed in less than sixty seconds by a fat YFT.

    These things are flat-out amazing... get some!
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    Jun 22, 2006
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    Cedar Plugs" handmade from exotic hardwoods

    Hand turned 6" cedar plug using many exotic and domestic wood like bloodwood (orange-red), purpleheart (purple) and paduak (orange) exotic hardwoods. This is NOT your grandfather's cedar plug; it is smooth, protected in a semi-gloss finish and ready to fish. The plug's weight is more than those with a stock head and the lighter cedar wood.

    The cedar plug CAN be rigged with 100# Izor premium leader crimped and manually tested to 20# of drag strength. That is appropriate for 80# fishing gear or less. The cost of a hook and rigging is $3.00 - my cost.


    A couple from 5/29
    Top - Bloodwood
    Middle - paduak
    Bottom - purpleheart

    I have expanded the selection of wood species!

    Osage orange wood

    Katalox wood

    Bird's Eye Maple





    Eastern Red Cedar (yes, I make cedar plugs using cedar too)

    African Mahogany


    Hard Rock Maple


    American Black Walnut

    Chakte (red heart) wood

    Wood is like a visit to the bait tank on the boat, it varies each time you go. Please understand that real wood will vary from board to board.


    Comments from those who purchased my cedar plugs:

    "Mark, received plugs. Almost too nice to fish( I'll force myself though). Thanks...Greg"
    "Absolutely beautiful...David"
    "Nice plugs...Jeff"
    "Fantastic Mark! They look great. You do really nice work...Dan"
    "Mark the plugs came today. Thank you. They are beautifully crafted. The heads and wood match up perfectly...Dominick"
    "Got my cedar plugs today. They are WAAAY too nice to fish with...Eric"
    "I just received my order, thank you. They are absolutely awesome...Bruce"
    "Mark , I received my order, there AWESOME... Tony"
    "Thanks Mark, got mine in the mail today. I understand what other people are saying when they get them about whether to use them or frame them! They are a work of art...Nick"
    "Just received my order. I think I might put them in my shadow box with all my other memorabilia that hangs in my office. These plugs are just too beautiful to fish with. My wife even thought they were cool and she has absolutely no clue as to what they are used for! Anyway, thanks Mark!!...Roger"
    "Got them in the mail today.....beautiful!...Ron"
    "Hey Mark, got my order in yesterday and they are truly a work of art...Marco"
    "Thanks again for the beautiful cedar plugs. I'm not sure if I should just look at them or actually fish with them. Thanks!...Tim"
    "Received my order of three today. Nicely packaged, very sweet looking. Will be interested in additional purchases when you expand to additional exotic woods...Christopher"
    "They look awesome...John"
    "Mark, Got my plugs yesterday THANKS!!!!!! Quality looks great and I cant wait to put them to use...Jeff"
    "Thanks Mark, Got mine, will test them out tomorrow . we'll see if they catch fish or I frame them. They are the best built plugs around, the workmanship is next to none... the standard plugs look like sh....well you know next to yours...Gary"
    "I received my six cedar plugs from Mark and they are truly beautiful. Mark does a fantastic job on these and there is obviously pride in workmanship. I don't know Mark, but we had a problem with shipping, when I emailed him he was fast to respond and went way out of his way to track down the issue. Not only did he try to get the issue resolved, he made me six more cedar plugs and was ready to ship them to me in case he could not resolve the issue with shipping(which was no fault of his). Mark is a stand up guy, that makes an incredible product for a great price! Thanks again Mark...Gratian"
    "Thanks for the (daisy) chain and plugs you sent me. They are great....Bob"
    "Received my pkg from mark today all I have to say is wow ... Nice product with no defect or flaws in his lures. Way too pretty to fish with it...Ivan"
    "Absolutely! Great craftsmanship! I can't wait to get it into the water!...Dave K"
    "Mark, Got my order in the mail today. Just like everyone says, they look beautiful. Unlike some though, I plan to fish them, and will send photos of the end product. Thanks again!...Bt1"
    "Got the plugs they look great...Bill"
    "Just got home and the plugs where in the mail box. They are awesome. If I was a tuna I would not be able to resist them. I will let you know how I did when I get back from my trip...Nathaniel"
    "Hey Mark, They look great, Work of art! Will keep one in my tackle box to show off and use an old cedars for trolling...Steve"
    "I opened them when I got home. They look super. Hopefully I will get to try some later in the week...Marshall Field"
    "Lures look beautiful Mark. Thanks...Jake"
    "Got em. They look even more incredible in real life. Can't wait to get em wet! Thanks Mark.
    "Hi mark, I was just going to send you a Thank You. Yes got them today & they are wonderful; true craftsmanship with speeeeedy delivery. My wife ask me what they were and I told her they are fishing lures and she asked me why do you need more lures? "I said I can't catch this years fish with last years lures". Thanks again...Mark C."
    "Thank you !!!! They are sooooo nice, love them. Happy New Year...NORM"
    "Mark, Just received the lures
    & line pullers. Looks too good to use. Thanks again...Steve"
    "Mark, You totally rock. Fast, quick, and big time quality. I hope the fish like them as much as I do. The only problem is now i have to wait for the fish to start biting...Tim S."
    "Not that an artisan of Mark's caliber needs any more encomiums, but I just wanted to say that I recently bought one of his paduak wood cedar plugs and believe me when I tell you that it is something gorgeous to behold... to heck with the fish, I wanted to bite it! Grin. Seriously, if you're going to be trolling this summer you should get one of these... truly the finest of its kind any of us are ever likely to see. Thanks, Mark! Smiley ~A~"
    "Yes they are great, thank you very much for the speedy shipping. I can't wait to use them...Dean"

    Mark L. Mayo
    Contact me at [email protected] or [email protected]
    I need to communicate with a real name, real email address and know exactly what you want before I go to the shop and make you some custom "cedar plugs" from scratch.

    Please email me INSTEAD of a PM to be sure I react promptly.

    $15 per cedar plug (4", 5" or 6")
    $4 per 4",5" or 6" plug shipping
    $3 per 4", 5" or 6" plug rigging with 100# Izor Premium leader and Mustad forged needle hook

    Set of three wood types (your choice) rigged and shipped is $65 to CONUS (lower 48 states)

    But wait there is more...

    Just produced 6/18/15 is the larger 7" and heavier 6 ounce "Big Boy" cedar plug shown here with six 6" assorted wood plugs made today.

    Here is one rigged

    $25 for the 7" "Big Boy" in padauk, bocote, bloodwood or purpleheart (see wood samples below). Rigging for 7" plug uses 130# Izor clear leader and the cost is $5. Rigging will NOT include a chaffing tube or Carolina keeper. Shipping is $6 per 7" plug.



    The last wood is new growth bloodwood which is like the bloodwood shown next to the "big boy". It is very pretty and very smooth with a great grain structure.
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