Catalina yellow in tough weather June 6


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Jul 6, 2007
san Juan Capistrano
Ed Schmitt
Robalo 25 foot "Fishfinder"
Sorry for the late report, but no hot tips to be found anyway. Pulled out of San Pedro at 3 am for Santa Barbara Island with a scoop of great sardines and several gallons of fresh frozen squid from last week's trip. We scored a nice WSB there last week and were hoping for lightening to strike twice. Carnage had no live squid in a searchlight full moon, so we avoided the huge detour from Pedro to SBI by way of Avalon.
The channel got progressively lumpier as we headed out past Catalina, so he decided to quit hardnosing it and went back to West Cove to soak 'dines and squid in the hopes of yellowtail or seabass. It was a washing machine, but we managed to scratch out a yellow in the graylight, before things deteriorated to the point where we decided to get out of there and get to the front side. We tried to set up at Starlight, but the wind came up over 30 knots in about ten minutes and forced us further east.
We set up at various spots, but the current and gusty wind direction were at odds. Water was clean and 66 degrees. Seals and boats were plentiful. We scratched up an abundance of mediocre calicos, barracuda and assorted reef fish, but we were mostly waiting for the popcorn in the channel to simmer down before heading back in the afternoon for a relatively pleasant, but mogul-infested ride back.

catalina yellow june 6.JPG

We got some good eats out of our catch and were glad we chickened out, since it was supposed to be fun.
And so it was.

Hamachi June 6.jpg
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  • May 24, 2006
    Huntington Beach
    260 Mackinaw
    Thanks for the report, looks good.

    The moguls are bad but I think the holes are worse!
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