Catalina Report 6/23 Yellows and Barracudas


  • Mar 7, 2019
    Long Beach
    Bayliner cuddy
    Short story: landed 2 large YT, lost 3 or more, 2 Barracuda, a ton of short calico, couple of white fish, 1 flounder.

    Longer story: Got to Seal Rock at about 9am, i wanted to check the liveliness of Nachos sardines, so i flylined a lively one, only took a couple seconds and got took by a Barracuda, looked a tad short, was too lazy to find my measuring tape, so back in he went. My 2 friends got a couple short calico.

    Then it slowed down, so we moved spots around the corner towards the back near Church rock, saw a ton of boats back there, none with any action. We pulled a couple more calico, a little flounder. Then it was dead from about 11:00am til 1pm.

    A little low on our confidence to find YT and everyone else around looked depressed, so we decided to check out the front side between seal rock and pebbly around 1:30, chummed some chopped macks, squid, and canned fancy feast. Within minutes birds got off their asses and came diving. My friend hooks a yellow off a live sardine, i knew right away when that line was peeling like a mofo it was a YT, fought him for a good few mins brought the guy up and my gaff was way too small, wasnt expecting them this big, finally pulled him on deck, about 42”, didnt get weight. Then a lot more boats started coming around us.

    So right away i start throwing irons, on my first hard retrieve i got slammed by a freight train, took a good while to pull him up, took 3/4 of my spool but i got him, about 40”. Kept throwing the iron and got hit hard 2 more times by yellows, almost to the surface and hook pulled twice, i think i needed bigger hooks. Got one more large Barracuda on same method, looked legal but i threw him back. My arms were cramping up and it was getting way too late and we needed to head home.

    Major chop on the way home for my little boat, we left way too late, cant do that again!

    Good fishing, but no where near wide open, it was very hard work finding and catching, the people that didnt work hard didnt catch.
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    Hired Gun!
    Apr 28, 2004
    John Collar
    Parker 2320
    Great job!
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