catalina monday-wed 7/1-7/3


doug wille

Aug 20, 2017
Santa Monica
freedom boat club; light load open party where the fish are
got a scoop of dines from nacho monday morning and headed to avalon to get a mooring for 2 nights. stopped on a huge foamer a few miles off the island. looked like bigger fishing showering chovies out of the water, but the colt sniper would only get bit by huge 2-3lb mackerel near the surface. moved on and picked up the mooring then fished the front side. no action til we made it up past the ithsmus. lots of boiling splashing fish...lots of show and no go all around the gail force's chum. anchored up a respectable distance from them and had all the calico bass and slime stick action you could want. the fleet filled in and some private boats closed the gap between us and the gail force. yellows boiled but didn't bite. tried a few other spots up towards the west end til we we were blown out. gf and i probably caught 2 5-30 mostly legal calicos and released all since we were on day 1 of a 3 day. no yellows.

fished up the backside on day 2 in 4-6' swells. same sort of day...lots of calicos. ended our journey up the back side at ben weston and again, lots of calicos and TOO many toothy slime sticks! saw yellows boil, but didn't connect on any.

trolled through the farnsworth high spot and were barraged by huge blue game fish marks so back down towards avalon we went.

finished the day on the spot at seal rocks. lots of bass and cuda again, no yellows for us, though we did see 1 come over the side of the rail time and a local guy land a nice one in his 14' row boat slow trolling live bait he kept in a large trash can.

same story wednesday mroning although i did have a large yellow chase a blue and white iron back to the boat at seal rocks. ran offshore several miles to the south looking for paddies on the way back to huntington harbor mid day. found several holding large schools of smaller fish, but nothing we were looking for. water was 70f and crystal clear on the way home until we got close to the harbor where it was dirty green and 68.

we never saw great game fish marks on the meter...very scratchy, hit or miss yellowtail fishing at catalina unless you can throw a ton of live chum like the sport boats.

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Hired Gun!
Apr 28, 2004
John Collar
Parker 2320
Truly appreciate all the information Doug.
I hear there's good quality and volume of Yellows at SBI & SCI & SRI.
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