Islands Catalina Lobster 10/7 and 10/14


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  • Sep 8, 2017
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    Didn't post the first one but figured I would now;
    Trip 1: Launched out of davies at 2:00, shot out to West end of Cat for hooping. I didn't take any fishing rods these trips so it felt weird. Got to the island about 3:30 and scoped out the area. By 4:30 we had dropped our baited traps and were playing the waiting game. We waited until 45 minutes after the sun really set behind the island to start our first pulls. Out of the first 10 nets we had 56 shorts and 15 legals. It normally takes us about 40ish minutes to get through a set of ten nets.. this time it took an hour and a half with so much sorting to do. We set everything back and immediately started our second set of pulls. By our 5th net we had hit limits and just started dumping everything else over. Definetely a way to start out our lobster season. We each got our legal limits of 7, and the boat was put away and taken care of before it hit midnight.


    Trip 2: Once again, launched at 3:00, shot out to CAT after getting a full scoop of sardines to use as dead bait. (These were the best sized and cured baits I've seen him have all year). Got to Cat about 4:30 and dropped our nets almost immediately upon arrival. With nets in the water we played the waiting game. At 7:15 we made our first pull on the trip for 3 shorts. The next 2 nets both had 2 keepers in them each, and then our 5th net was what makes me come back and do this more. I gaff the rope and drag the buoy in, and as I start to pull I knew this was a good net. You could feel the flapping of the tails in the trap, on top of that it was heavy. Not kelp heavy, just weight heavy. When we got it to the surface we were all shocked with the amount of lobster in the net, quickly dumping them all out and setting the net back. After counting and measuring the lobster, we found out we had 11 lobsters in that net, 6 keepers (All way bigger than our guages were) and 5 shorts. Definetely going to be hard to top that. After all the commotion, we picked our way through the first set off pulls bringing in 13 lobster. We sat a little bit after we dropped the last net in and at 8:15 we started our second set of pulls. We made it through the full set of nets and only managed 2 keepers that time. By then it had gotten close to 8:40 so we decided we would pick up on this next set of pulls. It was by our second pull of the last set of pulls we knew we made a good decision... I think we pulled maybe 3 shorts in all 10 nets. Once again, another great trip. We were home with boat away on side of the house by 11:45, just in time to watch a pack of the 7 scrawniest coyotes run by infront of my house and dogs.

    Key things: On the first trip the conditions all lined up, nice stinky bait, perfect tides, weather, and moon phase. To me a perfect tide is a rising tide because it pushes the stench of your baits into the shore.

    On the second trip we had less than ideal conditions; We had a half moon, 8 mph winds, 3 foot swell, an out going tide, and a seal... The whole first trip we did not have 1 seal on us, the second trip we had one on us from 8:00 onwards..

    As always, make sure you fill your lobster cards out before you leave your fishing spot.

    Thanks, Logan



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  • Sep 7, 2017
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    Nice work skipper, Im heading over Wednesday or Thursday next week.
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