Catalina backside 5/24


Aug 17, 2015
chino hills
wes maxwell
Launched out of Davies at 5am. Picked up some nice sardines at Nachos and then made the crossing to Avalon in an hour with great conditions. Picked up some live squid from the LB Carnage. We then moved up the back side to Freddies Beach. Got into a great calico and barracuda bite. I caught my personal best calico at 8.3lbs and my friend Rich got his personal best at 7.1lb. We moved up the backside fishing several spots catching some short halibuts, calicos, sheephead etc. We never did get into any yellowtail or white seabass, but those big toad calicos made our day. We made it around the West End and then to Two Harbors by 3pm to say hello to a friend and fish Bird Rock. Unfortunately, by this time the wind was howling from Cat Harbor and we could see whitecaps across the channel so we decided to call it a day. The ride home was pretty rough, but with the wind at our backs and running down swell we still made it back fairly dry and in a respectable time of an 1hr and 30mins. Davies launch ramp was a shitshow so we packed up as fast as we could and opted to wash the boat down at home. Wes
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