Islands Catalina 7/5


Mar 22, 2021
Harry Carrington
Cuddycon 266
Long time listener, first time caller. I will update and fill in any blanks I may have if I left anything out.

Got to the ramp at around 7 and in a few minutes it was off to the island. Stopped by Nacho's to get bait and got a half scoop of sardines and half scoop of live squid. Weather was calm and boat was running well so we made it over in about less than two hours. Once we arrived captain decided to try fishing the backside of the island towards the bottom. We fished a beach area for about an hour with only a halibut to show for it. The fish were there because something was leaving marks on the sardines.

Decided to move to the front side isthmus and that was for the better because we were able to catch quite a few sheepsheads and white fish. Live squid was the best. This was my first time using some and I will definitely be again. This was later in the afternoon so the ride back was a little rough. All in all a good trip.
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