Islands Catalina 7/11 Report


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Oct 1, 2017
El Segundo
Patrick Gardner
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Departed Cabrillo Ramp at 6AM this morning and the ramp and parking lot were surprisingly not crazy busy. Got a nice scoop for deans from Mike, then headed out to the island.

We started out at empire and anchored in about 60 ft of water. We had a really nice pick on large barracuda. It was a lot of fun and we fished there for about 4 hours, I could not get them to bite an jigs for the life of me after throwing 10 different jigs at them. All caught on sardines flylined.

After that we threw out the trollers(cedar plug + rapalla) and headed down to long point/white cove. No love on the trollers. We stopped on a few marks for drifts and had some awesome calico fishing in really tight to shore. About 50/50 legal size and we ended up getting 4 nice 3#ers. We also caught 2 bonito and a few more barracuda.

No YT bites today, still looking for my first one of the season.

All and all a great day. Fished though the entire livewell with good action all day. Water was 74 on the front side and perfect for a post fishing swim before heading back across the channel.
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    I fished the Cat yesterday and same thing no cuda takers on any of my jigs or surface irons. Like you said all sardines fly lined. No YT either
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