Catalina 6/11 solo run

Jun 19, 2005
Los Angeles
Wellcraft Bay 195
Got an early start because my flaker friends didn’t go. Launched around 6 and got 1/2 scoop from nachos which were mediocre 5-7” bait. Some looked great, majority however weren’t. Made it out to cat by 7.

The channel was very foggy with maybe a mile visibility. Cruised over at 33mph because it was a lake out there. Had a game plan to hit up isthmus then empire and eventually work my way east. Water temp was 65-67 majority of the day, clean and nice little current. I’m not too familiar with areas but I was fishing a few miles from empire and stayed pretty much all morning.

I set up spotlock, started chumming and saw life. A boil here, a boil there. Tossed one bait rod out and let it soak while I tossed an iron. Cast after cast I would get followers but they would only kiss the hook. I put the jigstick down, rebait a fresh sardine butt hooked and as soon as it hit water I was on. Did this throughout the day and ended with 6 yt 12-25#? Got surrounded by a defiance, whaler, Parker and 6pk charter. They were cool enough to stay off my stern. From the audio report it sounded like they didn’t do as well...

Surface and yo-yo worked equally good so I had a rod set up for both. Kicker mint heavy and mint light did the trick. Tady 45 got chased too. Long story short I could’ve had 10-12yt but farmed or got sawed off. I was on straight braid to 20’ of 20# fluorocarbon with owner 2/0 ringed live bait hook. Butt hooked and nose both worked just as long as the bait was lively...

The ride home was even better going 35mph on a bay boat. Visibility was still shitty in Long Beach. Stopped on a couple of paddies but nobody home. On the trailer by 1230...

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Jun 17, 2017
Tree Juan ho
Salty AF
Fuckin BOOM!!

Thinking of making a run myself. Were you getting alot of marks on the FF?
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Nov 21, 2017
Los Angeles
28 Grady White - Miz Marengo
You have no idea of how good a day you just had. Nice run and nice haul. Couldn't be better, if you ever want to join a big boat 32' and teach us how to catch fish, just Pm me.
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